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Vertex: A Gateway to Asia


Vertex has the longest history of working with Asia among Israeli investment firms. Nearly 40 strategic and financial investors from Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are invested in Vertex – the largest Asian investor base in both number of investors and in amount of capital managed by an Israeli firm.

Vertex is the ‘investor of choice’ for Israeli companies seeking to penetrate Asian markets. Penetrating high growth markets is the ultimate challenge for young Israeli companies especially those geographically and culturally remote from their markets – like Asia. These companies face an additional hurdle trying to access and engage in business with Asian corporations and organizations.

As their “Gateway to Asia”, Vertex has accumulated a record of helping its portfolio companies overcome these hurdles including facilitating access to large multinational corporations.



Vertex: A Gateway to Israel


Several of the large Asian multinational corporations to which Vertex introduces its portfolio companies, are strategic investors in Vertex funds. These corporations seek innovative technologies that can propel their businesses.

For them, Vertex functions as their “Gateway to Israel”. These Asian players invest in Vertex funds, and also establish business relationships (including technology transfer, IP licensing, OEM, distribution, etc.) with its portfolio companies.

These relationships that Vertex facilitates represent a win-win situation where both its portfolio companies and its strategic investors benefit from growth opportunities and increased value.



We are proud to bridge Asia and Israel for the benefit of all worlds – and our team is ready to help in your entrepreneurial journey