We partner early with global-minded entrepreneurs who seek to disrupt large markets

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Vertex Ventures is a leading Israeli Venture Capital firm.

In the last 20 years, with over $900 million assets under management across the Vertex funds, we have been privileged to partner with some of Israel’s best entrepreneurs, and joined their journey to success.

Our experience, diverse background and down to earth approach can prove helpful to our founders in their journey to grow their companies and become industry leaders.



Dynamic Yield helps marketers increase revenue by automatically personalizing each customer interaction across web, mobile apps and email.

Innoviz Technologies develops cutting-edge LiDAR remote sensing solutions to enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles.

Guesty provides property managers and management companies with an end-to-end solution to simplify the complex operational needs of short-term rentals.

Spotinst provides a highly intelligent and autonomous compute orchestration software to help customers save on their cloud computing costs (up to 80%).

YotPo leverages customer reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales.

SolarEdge provides groundbreaking solar energy production systems at a lower cost

Axonius dramatically improves an organization's security and operational posture, allowing IT and security operations teams to safely enable device adoption and usage at scale

Taranis is a leading precision agriculture intelligence platform

CyberArk is a cyber security leader - securing Privileged Access Managment.

Trigo Vision develops a scalable seamless checkout system, shoplifting prevention, and real-time inventory solution for retail

Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

Meta Networks provides a private cloud network service on the basis of zero trust network access

ZenCity uses AI and big data to reinvent the way local governments make decisions.

Verbit provides a smart transcription and captioning solution

Atidot company logoAtidot company logo

Affirmed Networks develops mobile network solutions with gateway functionality, rich application and content delivery services.

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Cylus company logoCylus company logo

Cylus is a pioneer in protecting railway and metro systems from a growing number of cyber-threats.

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Axonius company logoAxonius company logo

Axonius delivers a unified, extensible, and open platform that integrates information from networked devices and existing device-specific standalone management solutions, creating a single visibility and control environment.

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Taranis company logoTaranis company logo

Taranis is a web-based weather intelligence and risk-management system that enables farmers to mitigate and respond to weather-related risks. Its proprietary, hyper-local weather model and algorithms analyze data aggregated from sources such as satellite images, sensors, and irrigation, helping farmers increase their yields and cut costs.

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ZenCity company logoZenCity company logo

With the use of advanced AI algorithms, ZenCity analyzes data from social media, city hotlines and many other sources, and provide local government stakeholders with detailed insights about how their citizens view and use the city (like “google analytics” for a city).

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YotPo company logoYotPo company logo

Yotpo helps brands collect and leverage reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales.

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Spotinst company logoSpotinst company logo

Spotinst is a cost-oriented, cloud-deployment cluster, across data centers and instance types, auto-scaled and auto-optimized. Spotinst can be deployed on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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WireX company logoWireX company logo

WireX Systems is a leading provider of network forensics solutions that enables businesses to quickly and effectively resolve cyber-attacks, while minimizing the need for expert-level security teams.

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Verbit company logoVerbit company logo

Verbit incorporates latest advances in deep learning, neural networks, and natural language understanding into an adaptive learning cycle that trains our algorithm to improve accuracy over time.

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Cymulate company logoCymulate company logo

Cymulate helps companies to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers with a unique breach and attack simulation platform that empowers organizations with complex security solutions to safeguard their business-critical assets.

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Own Backup company logoOwn Backup company logo

OwnBackup accelerates business growth through automatic and complete Salesforce data protection. Our platform provides a comprehensive Salesforce backup and recovery solution that minimizes user-inflicted data loss risk and costs, supports regulatory compliance, and builds business resiliency.

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Nucleai company logoNucleai company logo

Cancer diagnostics, in many ways, has not changed much in the past century. Trained physicians inspect tissue biopsies under the microscope, using their eyes and years of experience. Even a small cluster of unnoticed cancer cells can lead to a possibly fatal misdiagnosis. Nucleai, is building AI algorithms that inspect tissue biopsies, reduce diagnostic errors and ultimately save lives.

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Over the years, we have invested in more than 100 companies across our funds. Our team has overseen over 40 exits, with a total value of ~$22B.

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