Aldi Nord taps Trigo tech for checkout free store trial

Trigo posted on 03 Oct 2021


Aldi Nord is set to test out a checkout free store in Utrecht, The Netherlands, early next year, powered by Trigo technology.

To enter, customers will need to scan a QR code, with all selected items being tracked by a combination of shelf sensors and camera technology.

Also of interest: Aldi UK tests out checkout free concept store in London

These details are then sent to a customer app, enabling a contactless and automatic payment process when leaving the store.

"Digitalisation must support our core strategy and make shopping even easier for our customers," says Kashif Ansari, Chief Strategy Officer at Aldi Einkauf SE & Co. oHG.

Michael Gabay, Trigo Co-Founder and CEO, comments: "We work with five of the ten largest grocery retailers in the world and we are particularly proud to work with Aldi Nord who has been at the forefront of grocery retail innovation for over a century.”

“With frictionless technology, the general public will be able to experience ease of shopping, while retailers will benefit from better inventory control, shrinkage reduction, as well as a positive customer service focus.”


Trigo is also working with Tesco.

The grocery giant recently deployed a Trigo powered autonomous store system in a second UK location.

Chief Executive Ken Murphy said: “We have a system installed in our Express store in Welwyn Garden City (at head office), and we’re extending that to another store to check it in a more urban environment.”

He added: “It’s been opened about a year now, and it’s working really well… One of the joys of machine learning is it is continuously improving, so we’re feeling confident that we can put it into another store with a higher traffic.”

The second store can be found in High Holborn, on the edge of the City of London.

Last year, this became the retailer’s first cashless store in central London. And now it has now been refurbished and kitted out with the likes of cameras and computer servers.


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